High Thermal Efficiency Electric Steam Boiler

High Thermal Efficiency Electric Steam Boiler

Steam Capacity:0.1t/h - 2t/h
Pressure:0.4/0.7 MPa
Brief Intro:It is a kind of high thermal efficiency and environmental protect boiler. The thermal efficiency reaches as high as 99%, and no NOx released.

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Zhongding electric steam boiler is a kind of high thermal efficiency and environmental protect boiler with small capacity. The thermal efficiency reaches as high as 99%, and there is no NOx released to the air. The electric steam boiler adopts high quality electrical heated tube, could work for about 20000 hours. It uses stainless steel electric heating tubes, has high compression strength, the working life is 5~10 times longer than the common tubes.



1. High thermal efficiency, long working life 

1) All the electrical components have the CE and CCC certification, to guarantee the safety operation and long working time. 

2) Uses the high quality stainless steel cartridge heaters, the thermal efficiency could reach 99%, and it could work for about 20000 hours. 

3) Seamless steel tube is used as the linner of the ceramic heating tube, high compression strength, 5~10 times working life longer than others. 

2. Perfect automatic control, safe operation 

The boiler adopts PLC full automatic intelligent control cabinet and interlock protection system 

3. Low Heat Loss 

The boiler shell use aluminium silicate board for heat preservation, high thermal shielding efficiency, low heat loss, save energy, and increase the boiler thermal efficiency. 

4. Environmental protection 

The boiler operates quietly and no harmful gas emission, meet the requirement of environmental protection. 

5. Compact Structure 

1) LDR series electric boiler is vertical type, has compact structure, small occupation, and low cost on infrastructure construction. 

2) Each group electrical heating elements are connected by clustered flanges, simple structure, high mechanical strength, safe and reliable.


Model Rated Capacity (t/h) Rated Working Pressure (Mpa) Rated Steam Temperature (℃) Thermal Efficiency
Overall dimension
LDR0.2-0.4 0.2 0.4 151 99 1.0×2.5 750
LDR0.3-0.4 0.3 0.4 151 99 1.1×2.6 920
LDR0.4-0.4 0.4 0.4 151 99 1.2×3.0 1100
LDR0.5-0.4/0.7 0.5 0.4/0.7 151/170 99 1.2×3.2 1350
LDR0.7-0.4/0.7 0.7 0.4/0.7 151/170 99 1.3×3.5 1800
WDR1-0.7 1 0.7 170 99 3.0×1.4×1.65 2100
WDR1.5-0.7 1.5 0.7 170 99 3.5×1.6×1.75 2600
WDR2-0.7 2 0.7 170 99 4.0×1.7×1.95 3100
Note: Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow actual drawings.