CFB Hot Water Boiler

CFB Hot Water Boiler

Rated Capacity: 14~64MW
Rated Pressure: 1.25Mpa-3.8Mpa
Fuel: bituminous coal, anthracite coal, meagre coal, lignitous coal, coal gangue, slag, etc.
Application: power station, thermal power station, chemical industry, etc.

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The new type double cyclone circulating fluidized bed boiler with low speed is a new generation, which is designed by Tsinghua University: Zhengzhou Research Institution of Low Speed Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler. The boiler inherits the original technology advantages, at the same time, makes big breakthrough on the technology of cyclone design on combustion, cyclone separator structure & parametric design, and loop seal system. The boiler is awarded as national patent product.




Technical Breakthrough

Technical Continuity

1. Compact structure

Integrate furnace, separator and loop seal system by using membrane water wall, structure compact.

2. Low thermal loss

The loop seal system is composed of two membrane water walls, and the partial heat carried by the fly ash is absorbed by the water wall tube.

3. Adopts anti wear design

A number of measures used on anti wear design, reduce the fluidization velocity, prevent the wear of separator heating surface and membrane water wall.

4. Various kinds of coal are adaptable.

5. The fault rate is extremely low

6. Environmental protection

low-temperature combustion technology, reduce the generation of noxious gas, the limestone can be added to the furnace for desulfuration, harmful gas emissions can meet the environment requirement without use of any denitrification equipment.


Rated Capacity
Rated Steam
Pressure (MPa)
Rated Steam
Temperature (℃)
Feed Water
Efficiency (%)
Body Dimension
QXX14-1.25/95/70-A II 14 1.25 95 70 ≥ 86 11565×8570×15500
QXX29-1.25/130/70-W 29 1.25 130 70 ≥ 86 12930×8280×19800
QXX29-1.6/150/90-H 29 1.6 150 90 ≥ 86 12930×8280×19800
QXX46-1.6/130/70-A 46 1.6 130 70 ≥ 86 15530×11080×21300
QXX58-1.6/130/70-A 58 1.6 130 70 ≥ 86 16240×10600×23500
QXX64-1.6/130/70-A 64 1.6 130 70 ≥ 86 17500×11000×24500
Note: Parameter is for reference only, the specific should follow the design institution.