Biomass steam generator environmental protection


Biomass steam generator is a small biomass steam boiler that uses biomass wood pellets as fuel, generates heat through semi-gasification combustion, and heats the water in the inner tank of the biomass steam generator to design parameters to continuously generate steam. . Biomass steam generators have low operating costs, up-to-standard emissions, no boiler inspections, and high degree of automation. It is an ideal choice for energy-saving and emission-reduction for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises.

1. No need to apply for inspection: design water volume> 30l does not need annual inspection, which eliminates the complicated procedures of application for approval and registration;

2. Low cost: its operating cost is one-sixth of that of electric boilers and one-third of oil-fired boilers;

3. Environmental protection standards: semi-gasification combustion method, high thermal efficiency, meeting the requirements of the specified emission standards;

4. Safe and assured: equipped with high-quality pressure controller, safety valve, with multiple protections such as overpressure, low water level and overheating protection to ensure the safe operation of the boiler;

5. Convenient installation: The modular machine has been equipped with a water supply pump and solenoid valve at the factory, and only needs to be connected to the power supply, and the water inlet pipe and the sewage pipe can be used;

6. Energy saving and emission reduction: Standard configuration of two-pass flue gas economizer and water bath dust collector, make full use of exhaust heat and reduce dust emission;

7. Simple operation: one-button operation, just install the water and electricity in place, press the switch button, the boiler will enter the fully automatic operation state;

8. Automatic intelligence: equipped with a microcomputer automatic transportation control system, automatic feeding, automatic ignition, automatic water replenishment, automatic shutdown and sound and light alarm when abnormal operation occurs, indicating the fault code, and convenient maintenance;

9. Maintenance and worry-free: The failure rate is extremely low, and there is only a small amount of powdery ash residue after complete combustion, which is easy to handle.

It is widely used in schools, textiles, clothing, printing and dyeing, restaurants, food, beverages, soy products, meat products, canned food, wineries, pharmaceuticals, packaging, building materials, chemicals, swimming pools and other enterprises and institutions.


Product :
 Gas-fired(oil-fired)boilers          Coal-fired boilers  Biomass-fired boilers           Thermal fluid heaters
Power/Capacity :
Hot water/oil           0.7-14MW          14.1-21MW  21.1-29MW            29.1-75MW
Steam                     1-10t/h               11-20t/h  21-90t/h                  91-140t/h
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